Hannes - Sales Manager for Europe

Hannes - Sales Manager for Europe - Svakom Store

My name is Hannes, and I work as Sales Manager for Europe at Svakom.

I first came in contact with Svakom when one of my best friends started working here about 5 years ago.

I especially remember a moment when we went to a party together, he didn’t know the two girls that were celebrating their birthdays, but he still brought sex toys as gifts, I asked if that really was appropriate gifts for someone that you don’t know, and he said: "no-one will ever get sad from getting a sex toy as a gift" and that is really true and what makes it so fun to work with these products. (the birthday girls loved their gifts) Since then I've gotten to know several of the people in Svakom through different events, and when the opportunity to join Svakom came up I didn't hesitate.

I got quite many surprised looks and questions when I decided to leave my job at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce to the Sex Toy industry. “But why?” and “that’s a strange career choice” but my friends that know me well just fully understood my decision.

My whole life I’ve had a hard time sitting still and I like when things are happening fast. That’s why I felt that this industry fits me so well, there are quick movements, always new things happening, and never dull moment.

I have now been at Svakom for about four months, working as a sales manager it’s important for me to build relationships with all our partners in Europe, such as retailers and distributors in Europe. These are our faces to the end customer and so far, everyone I spoke to has been super friendly and it’s great to hear how much people appreciate Svakom as a brand.

I feel that the company culture as Svakom is something that fits me well, it's action-driven and built on support and transparency and I see that as one of Svakoms largest advantages.

I also see some changes in the industry where Covid19 has had a big impact. People have to stay at home more which has led to that more people purchased their first sex toy. This is something that will have an effect on the industry for a long time to come, as people tend to get more toys after they got over the step of buying their first toy.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Svakom and I’m happy to be a part of the journey!