Kate - Sales Representative West Coast

Kate - Sales Representative West Coast - Svakom Store

Hello everyone! I`m Kate and I’m a SVAKOM representative living and bringing our fabulous toy to you all over the West Coast.

I’ve been working in Svakom for the past 5 years, but I remember being a huge fan and buying their toys way before that. My journey in this industry started over 6 years ago in Saint P, Russia, my home town, as a sales person in the biggest Russian adult retail chain. We used to sell a lot of Svakom products back then and that’s how it became my favorite sex toy brand.

Just to give you an idea, how much I love their products, when I received my first salary, I spent almost half of it on Svakom SiiMe Eye- vibrator with a camera on the top, which was a super innovative product at the time. Besides that, I worked as a sex toy consultant and promoted Svakom products during my sex educational trainings. In 2018, I made a huge life-changing decision and I moved to Los Angeles, homeland to the sex toy industry. America has always been my dream since I was 10 years old and I decided to take a chance and moved there without any perspectives and work plans. Luckily Svakom was looking for a new person and I started right away.

In the beginning, American market looked like such a huge challenge for me, plus I was a foreigner with a big language barrier and tones of immigrant problems, so I wasn’t even sure if I really could pass the trial period. I started to move around the West Coast, offering our products to the retailers, I shared my experience selling the brand in Russia and tried to find an individual approach for every customer. I had to be on the road all the time, because in-person meetings were the only way to get product in…With a suitcase full of toys and hope, I drove all the states in the West Coast and I could see very clearly our growth month after month and, after a little while, we had happy customers in Washington, California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Texas. We started to do b2b and b2c trade shows in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and more people have become familiar with the brand.

I was so honored to receive an XBIZ award in the name of Svakom this 2020 in Los Angeles for the most innovative design for Siren. I find this situation incredibly funny because, when I visited the XBIZ Award Show for the first time before I started to work with Svakom, I was watching people receiving awards and I thought “when I get one of those, it will be a big step for my career” and here I am, two years later making my own dreams come true.

I would like to thank all our loyal customers and every one who is part of the industry, it’s an amazing business filled with the most open minded, kind and clever people, I’m very happy that I get to keep doing what I always knew I wanted to do for the rest of my life. And I would like to thank my Svakom team for being the way they are, for all of our efforts, opportunities and all their trust.