Lovela Collaboration Party

Lovela Collaboration Party
Lovela recently held a collaborative event in Colombia, and we are loving it!

Hosting an event not so dissimilar to our own F**K Taboos parties, Lovela hosted a total of 90 people for an evening of fun and education. Giving every guest a welcome gift courtesy of SVAKOM and a complimentary burger  drink, the event started with a great attitude and an even better atmosphere.

With the emphasis on education, Lovela conducted activities focusing on the different types of toys and how to use them. But the one we loved the most was the importance of including sex toys in our daily lives. This message is one we at SVAKOM hold dear to our hearts  sexual wellness is a necessity.

Lovela gathered the attendants and divided them into groups  thus starting one of the exciting games they'd planned. Each group was tasked with creating a new hashtag for the party. A representative from each group came to explain their reasoning. We love the empowering style of this game, the way it shows the collaboration needed to make creative content. Afterwards, a rock paper scissors game was used to decide on new groups to participate in a thrilling dance contest! However, Lovela knows how to keep the surprises coming. This wasn't an ordinary dance contest; no, it was a dance contest where participants needed to perform their best vibrator impression. Once all dances had been seen, it was up to the public vote to decide the winner. A cacophony of screaming voices decided the ultimate vibration dancer! With some great twerking skills on display, two lucky winners went home with SVAKOM toys as their prize.

With Phoenix Neo and Vick Neo taking the spotlight, everyone embraced the fun-filled evening with warm smiles and immense laughter. It was totally different from the norm to educate about sex toys, sexuality, and sexual wellness. Everyone sang praises for the high quality of SVAKOM products and took the opportunity to learn more about the maintenance and applications of the different toys.

We love to collaborate and work together to destroy the stigma surrounding sex and masturbation. Working with Lovela was an excellent opportunity to enlighten people about the world of sexual wellness - showing it to be the positive, engaging, and fun-filled topic we always saw it to be.

The success of this event has already gotten our mental gears turning, thinking of new ways we can set out in encouraging people to learn more about the world sex toys. There could be more events with Lovela coming up in the future, so make sure you follow our social media, so you stay up-to-date to all the latest F**K Taboos and collaboration parties in the future.