Fxxk Taboos Strawberry Edition in Russia

Fxxk Taboos Strawberry Edition in Russia - Svakom Store

This winter came early in Russia, the snow falling from the sky ever so graceful and elegant. The miles of white gentle covered Moscow, the city of snow, chilly yet peaceful. SVAKOM team visited Russia in this beautiful snowy season, enjoying the glowing city, with tonnes of friendly distributors, customers and lovely people from the same industry. The weather was just perfect for an indoor party to dance the chills off, so we gathered all the friends we have in Russia and held the first Fxxk Taboos party in this enchanting country.

The Fxxk Taboos Strawberry edition party was held on the 3rd of November, in a dope local club Rock House. We were as excited as the guests who had been craving to join a Fxxk Taboos party in Russia. More than 100 people joined this party. Attendees including our customers, influencers and friends from the same adult industries. It is so true that they say parties and dancing breaks the boundary of strangers. Once the music hit, people felt more enticed to talk about something sexier. This is not saying that the dancing wasn’t as equally as sexy.

The famous banana contest is always a hit. Thanks to our sponsors' Sense Max and Swiss Navy, we were able to present the prize with a more functional purpose. High-grade lubricant, greatly designed masturbators and our flagship product- Nymph. Not a single soul didn’t want to test their limits with those beautiful bananas and stand a chance to win those fantastic prizes.

Indeed, we had so much fun and the love we received from our Russian friends will always be remembered. Thanks so much to everyone who made this party happen in Russia. At SVAKOM, we strive to present you with a high-quality sexual lifestyle with passion, fun, love and most importantly, your sexual needs and desires as our priority. We hope you enjoyed our company in this freezing winter, don’t forget to get some warming vibrators to heat up your heart in the lonely nights!