Sex Parties: Staying Safe

Sex Parties: Staying Safe - Svakom Store

Sex comes in multiple forms, shapes, and sizes. There is no one size fits all when it comes to what gets us going. As we take steps towards exploring our sexuality, likes & dislikes, the people and actions that make us bubble and burst, there can be a lot of concerns or fears.


So, picture it, you’re thinking of attending a sex party, maybe you’ve seen videos online that really clicked with you, or perhaps a friend wouldn’t stop telling you about their wild and raunchy weekend, regardless of the catalyst it’s important to acknowledge the time it takes to make yourself mentally prepared for the task as well as ensuring your own safety. The pursuit of pleasure comes with risks, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from setting out on your adventure.


Pause & Think


First, make sure you are ready. There’s an enormous difference between liking something and liking the idea of something. Take the time to stop and consider your expectations; the ways they can be met and the ways they could falter.


Research Further Than Porn


Second, do your research. Once you find a sex party you vibe with, dig a little deeper. Safety should always be your priority – consider location, do you know the place? Is it someone’s house or a hotel? Etc. Once you have decided on the party, it’s time to make sure you’re a good host. Check if there are any rules, will condoms be provided, or should you bring some yourself? Do you need to bring a towel? Always check and make sure you’re not going to the party solely for yourself. It’s not a sex party with only one participant, everyone else is looking for a good time too.


Alone or Together?


Third, consider if you will be attending on your own or with a partner(s). If you are planning to go with somebody else, especially a sexual partner(s), then you should set your own rules – and stick to them – jealous, envy, and anger are key ingredients to ruining sex and sex parties. They worm their ways inside and slowly pick it our sensibilities which often leads to outburst and regrettable behavior. Respect your partner(s) and approach your rules with sincerity. Take the time to flesh out exactly what you are okay with, and what you are not.


Bathrooms are a Safe Haven


Fourth, Leave the bathroom free, it is going to get messy, and people are going to need to clean up every now and then. Moving your personal sexual experiences to the bathroom prevents others from using the bathroom and can put their wants and needs on hold.


Enjoy the Ride


Lastly, have fun. Enjoy yourself. Pursue your fantasies and desires and let lust take over even for just a moment. This should be a release where inhibitions are let loose to reign in your ultimate desires. Accept them, give in, and have a good time.