Sex toys and water:
how to play and clean up

An article by Vanessa Rose

If there’s ever a day you devote to enjoying your sex toys in water, make it December 5. That’s Bathtub Party Day!

An official event in the United States, it also provides a good opportunity for adults worldwide to make a splash in their pursuit of sexual pleasure. If you don’t have a bath, you can still use the occasion to inspire some adults-only shower time action.

So, which sex toys should you choose for your aquatic adventure?

And speaking of water, how should you wash sex toys?

We have the answers right here!

Benefits of bath time with sex toys

There’s so much more to bathing than getting clean.

Enjoying sexual experiences in the bath, as a single or couple, can open you up to new possibilities and sensations.

Incorporate the right sex toys in the scenario and you can get a deeper understanding of your intimate wants and needs, likes and dislikes, where you’re at and where you’d like to go.

It may sound contradictory but having a bath can be incredibly soothing and relaxing yet seductive and arousing.

Warm water can help to calm our mind, relax our body, and feel more open. At the same time, it can increase our blood flow and, in turn, our sexual sensitivity and arousal.

Other sensory elements of bathing can heighten our pleasure even more.

Picture fresh, warm bath water surrounding you, and perhaps a partner. Imagine the pitter-patter sounds of its ripples, the way it makes bodily curves glisten, and the added glide you feel during physical touch.

When you’re in such a relaxed and aroused state, then power up your sex toy, the effect can be romantic, erotic and climactic.

This is quality time you’ve dedicated to yourself, exploring new or familiar erogenous zones for your own pleasure, not necessarily orgasm as the goal. (You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make you take away the expectation and pressure of the big O!)

If joined by a partner, this time together can enhance your intimacy, connection and trust as you explore each other’s limits in novel surroundings. You can then apply what you learn outside of the bath or shower too.

How you go about your bathtub party is up to you and your consenting guest. But there are two rules:
1. Use waterproof toys only!
2. Ensure any lubricant used is compatible with your sex toy.

Can I use my sex toy in water?

Sex toys are similar to other types of electronic products in the sense that they can deteriorate of malfunction if not resistant to water.

When a sex toy is waterproof, it generally means the device is well-sealed so that liquid doesn’t enter the battery compartment or via the charging points.

To take the guesswork out of knowing how resistant sex toys are to water, they can be given an ingress protection (IP) rating.

SVAKOM sex toys tend to have either of four IP ratings:
1.  IPX0: No protection against water
2.  IPX4: Splashproof – resistant to splashes of water
3.  IPX: Water-resistant – resistant to powerful jets of water
4.  IPX7: Waterproof – can be temporarily immersed in water (up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes)

We recommend using only waterproof sex toys in the bath or shower and saving the others for dry scenarios. Remember that even if a toy is waterproof, it should not be submersed to depths or for lengths of time the average person would consider unreasonable.

How should I clean my sex toy?

After your sex toy session in the bath or shower, you may be tempted to think that rinsing it off means it’s clean.

However, it’s important to sanitize your toy properly to not only maintain your device but also protect your, and your partner’s, health. Did you know that some bacteria, including sexually transmitted infections, can live for months outside of the body! And if you’re avoiding pregnancy, you may want to remove sperm on a toy before it’s used near or inside the vagina.

At SVAKOM, we recommend cleaning our sex toys before and after each use. The appropriate method depends on the specific toy and its water protection rating. The instructions provided below are general in nature, so always check the information that comes with the product packaging and user manual for your sex toy.

Non-waterproof masturbators

Remove the masturbator sleeve from the case and wash the sleeve with toy cleaner or mild, unscented soap and fresh warm water less than 45°C/113°F. Then, rinse the sleeve with fresh warm water. Finally, allow to air dry. 

To clean the case, spray toy cleaner onto a clean lint-free towel or soft cloth and wipe the surfaces, avoiding the charging points and interior of the device. Remove any residue and allow to air dry.

Ensure the sleeve and case are completely dry before reassembling. Ensure no water contacts the charging points, battery compartment or interior of the case, and do not submerge the case in water because it is not waterproof.

Water-resistant sex toys

Apply toy cleaner to the product surface, avoiding the charging points. Leave for up to 60 seconds, or as recommended in the toy cleaner directions. Then, wipe off with a damp, but not wet, clean lint-free towel or soft cloth. Finally, allow the product to air dry completely. 

Ensure no water contacts the charging points or battery compartment and do not submerge the product in water because it is not waterproof.

Water-resistant pulse stimulators

Spray toy cleaner onto a cotton swab and wipe the pulse stimulator inner nozzle, avoiding the drum. Spray toy cleaner onto a clean lint-free towel or soft cloth and wipe the exterior surfaces of the stimulator, avoiding the charging points. Remove any residue from the stimulator and allow to air dry completely.

Ensure no water contacts the charging points or battery compartment and do not submerge the product in water because it is not waterproof.

Waterproof sex toys

Wash the product with toy cleaner or mild, unscented soap and fresh warm water less than 45°C/113°F. Then, rinse the product with fresh warm water. Finally, pat the product dry with a clean lint-free towel or soft cloth, or allow to air dry. 

Find your next sex toy and make a splash

Now that you know more about the benefits of enjoying sex toys in water, which ones to choose and how to clean them, you’re almost ready for your bathtub party. Next, invite some waterproof toys from SVAKOM’s growing range.



Vanessa Rose

A certified clinical sexuality coach and the account manager for Australia and New Zealand at SVAKOM Design USA Limited.