SVAKOM Fans & Testers Party in Shenzhen, China

SVAKOM Fans & Testers Party in Shenzhen, China
When the weather is getting cooler in the northern earth, we found a nice spot in the South of China where it never really gets too cold. We wanted to have a great party with you to get to know our fans and help us to develop our products. September 7th of 2018, We held this lovely party in a perfect weather in Shenzhen, China.

Had to say thank you to our team for the decorations and all the work, you guys are amazing! The party started at 7 pm, in the Chinese zodiac, this would be a perfect time to open the door/market on that day. Also, it was a time you would never expect any sort of party animal to arrive. Beyond all of our expectations, we had the first guest right after we took our team picture, the party begins folks!

When our testers were all present, we started our testers forum. It was enlightening to learn about everyone's preferences between different cultures, sexualities and races. Our products not only bring individuals pleasure but also connects people. The climax of our party was launching our new products Nymphand Ella, a soft moving finger vibrator and a bullet vibrator controlled by the SVAKOM APP.

We announced the #MyKey2Orgasm charity campaign taking place through Instagram, which is in association with Movember (Prostate Cancer Foundation for Men) and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Basically, you just need to post your beautiful orgasm faces and hashtag MyKey2Orgasm and mention SVAKOMUSA, and we will donate one US dollar to the charity (*for more information please clickhere). Well, lets see what our first guests beautiful orgasm faces are like!

What is the most exciting thing in a party? Yeah, it is the surprises. I'm not talking about the drinks and the yummy food, I'm talking about the hard-core surprises. Does anything get crazier than a deep throat competition with bananas?! If you don't know, why you don't take a chance and try? Use a bananaor any other thing. But you might not be as lucky as our guests who competed to get a free Nymph.

It was fun but not just fun, follow us on any of our social media accounts below for more upcoming events and fun!