Doris - Customer Support Manager

Hi, my name is Doris. Although this is an old grandmother's name, I am still young! 

Hannes - Sales Manager for Europe

My name is Hannes, and I work as Sales Manager for Europe at Svakom. I first came in contact with Svakom when one of my best friends started working here a couple years ago.

Kate - Sales Representative West Coast

Hello everyone! I`m Kate and I’m a SVAKOM representative living and bringing our fabulous toy to you all over the West Coast.

Andy – SEO Specialist

My name is Andy and I have been working in SVAKOM for more than 2.5 years. I am in charge of the Google Adwords and SEO and I am so proud of working in one of the biggest global sex toy brands. We are not just selling sex toys, but changing the way you experience pleasure.


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