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Warranty Information


As of May 9th, 2022 you no longer need to register your product to claim on your warranty!

At SVAKOM, we value customer service and we are confident that our products will provide unbeatable satisfaction for many years, which is why we offer a 10-year quality guarantee and 2-year replacement warranty and encourage you to register your products.

Registering your products makes it easier if you need to contact us for support or make a warranty/guarantee claim. The process is simple and quick!

  • Create or log into your SVAKOM account. Go to the login section at the top right corner of this site or click here
  • Complete the Product Registration and Warranty Claim form at the bottom of this page.

    TIP: You’ll need the original invoice from your initial purchase as proof of warranty coverage for your product, and the serial number provided on your product packaging.

Warranty & Guarantee

2-Year Warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event of such a defect and if you are eligible for this claim, we will aim to repair or replace the product. The 2-year warranty starts from the date of purchase. 

10-Year Quality Guarantee

We offer a 10-year quality guarantee against damage or a decline in functionality. This guarantee starts from the date of purchase. If you are eligible for this claim, you will receive a 50% discount on your next purchase exclusively via this official website (www.svakom.com).

Important Note

Our warranty and guarantee cover manufacturing defects and exclude damage or lost functionality due to user negligence. This includes: improper or incorrect use, the use of non-water-based lubricant, incorrect cleaning, submerging the product in water if non-waterproof, and disassembling the product.

Our SVAKOM warranty and guarantee can only be claimed for SVAKOM products purchased via this website (www.svakom.com) or our official SVAKOM retailers either offline, online or within onlinemarketplaces. Our warranty and guarantee exclude all products purchased from unauthorised SVAKOM retailers.


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Frequently asked questions

The serial number can be found on your product packaging and is usually printed above the barcode. For example:

serial warranty

Before Making Your Warranty Claim

Trouble with your sex toys? Let's troubleshoot!

1. Ensure your toy is fully charged. Use the charging cable included with your original product and an appropriate power source. View the product user manual for instructions. If you don’t have your hard copy, click here.

2. If your product has a travel lock, ensure it is unlocked. View the product user manual for instructions. If you don’t have your hard copy, click here.

3. If your toy does not charge at all, or does not turn on after being fully charged, or you may be eligible to make a warranty claim.

For further assistance, please contact our dedicaed support team via the form below.