SVAKOM Golden Ticket holders (hereafter referred to as “Ticket holders”) are entitled to the benefits describe upon the ticket; namely, the option to claim 10 free SVAKOM products immediately – or – the ability to claim 10 free SVAKOM toys over a period of 3-years. In order to claim their prize Ticket holders must: 1) Register the unique 16-digit code printed on the ticket with SVAKOM Customer Service via email by contacting 2) Claim their prize – as and when they and choose to do so – via contacting SVAKOM Customer Service citing their name & address Once claimed, the unique code printed on the ticket will become invalid and any further claims will be denied. Ticket holders will be able to select a maximum of ten (10) SVAKOM products without limitation. These include the full range of SVAKOM products. SVAKOM withholds the right to deny claims should it have reason to suspect fraudulent activity, the intention to re-sell claimed prizes for profit, or any further reason which would warrant suspicion. SVAKOM strictly forbids the reselling of the any SVAKOM Golden Tickets for profit, doing so will make the ticket null & void. Should, at any point in time, SVAKOM choose to discontinue the Golden Ticket promotion it withholds the right to do so at will and without informing Ticket holders. The prize stipulated on the Golden Ticket cannot be negotiated and cannot be changed. Ticket holders are entitled only to the prize stipulated on the Golden Ticket.