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Explore Your Limits

No dream is considered too big or small.

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Explore Your Limits Campaign

In 2022, SVAKOM launched the ‘Explore Your Limits’ campaign. Participants were encouraged to share their deepest desires on social media using the hashtag #explorewithsvakom. The campaign provided an avenue for people to express aspirations and the chance to transform dreams into reality, with the promise of a lifetime prize.

No dream is considered too big or small. Born from a dream to bring high quality sex toys to the world in 2012, SVAKOM has come a long way in the last 12 years. We understood the profound longing accompanying unfulfilled desires. On the way of steadily achieving our dream, there are somethings SVAKOM would like to offer along the road as part of the 10-year anniversary celebration – dreams. ‘Explore Your Limits’ campaign encouraged participants to tear down barriers and take initial steps toward a new world where dreams are within grasp.

Focused on wellness, personal fulfillment, and the encouragement to explore deepest desires, SVAKOM invited all to partake in celebrating its ten year anniversary together. The ‘Explore Your Limits’ campaign served as a platform for participants to manifest their dreams, stood as a testament to SVAKOM's unwavering dedication to actively involving the world in our journey.