Is it normal to masturbate?

Is it normal to masturbate?

There’s no shortage of advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We’re constantly reminded to eat well, stay hydrated, exercise regularly, socialize, relax, get enough sleep… the list can seem endless.

Yet, there’s one basic tip mentioned a lot less often in public despite its importance: masturbation. This intimate act has many benefits for our sexual and overall wellness.

So, SVAKOM is proud to support the annual awareness-raising initiative, Masturbation Month, which is held annually in May.

What is masturbation?

Solo sex. Ménage à moi. Playing with yourself. There are many euphemisms, but whatever you call it, masturbation is the act of stimulating your genitals or other erogenous zones for sexual arousal or pleasure. This may involve using hands or sex toys to touch, rub, penetrate or be penetrated - it’s a case of different strokes for different folks. 

However, masturbation can also involve others. Mutual masturbation is when two or more people stimulate each other’s genitals. Alternatively, they can masturbate in each other’s presence. 

Why is masturbation important?

The aim of masturbation doesn’t have to be orgasm. It can simply be a way to explore your (or your partner’s) sexual needs and wants, likes and dislikes, to deepen awareness, understanding, pleasure and wellness. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with getting to know yourself on a more intimate level - and your partner too, as long as the activity is safe, everyone understands what’s involved and freely consents.

Top 5 tips for masturbating with sex toys

There are many ways to masturbate and everyone has their own preferences. SVAKOM pleasure products are ideal for solo play, with our wide range catering to different bodies, needs, wants, and experience levels. To help you get the most from your sessions, here are our top 5 tips for masturbating with adult toys.

1. Get to know your sex toy

Whether you’ve just purchased your sex toy or had it for a while, ensure that you use it for the intended purpose and are familiar with all its functions. You don’t want to miss out on incredible features, especially when it comes to sextech toys you can control, customize or use to interact with a long-distance partner via our SVAKOM App.

Some vibrators, like our Tulip bullet and Emma mini wand massager are best for stimulating external erogenous zones, while others are made for vaginal penetration. Our Amy 2 vibrator is an excellent example - it features a flexible shaft that moves with you and the flat-press head is designed for G-spot stimulation. Our rabbit vibrators deliver simultaneous internal and external stimulation from the insertable shaft and external clitoral attachment. 

There are also sex toys for bodies with a penis, such as masturbators, as well as for adults who want to explore anal play. For example, Vick Neo offers powerful prostate stimulation while the external attachment massages the wearer’s perineum for added pleasure.

Read the product manual so you understand how to clean, maintain and use it. Get comfortable with how your sex toys feels in your hands before using it intimately.

2. Prepare for action

Now you’re ready to masturbate with your toy, get other items you may need for your session. Examples include water-based lubricant, which is compatible with all SVAKOM sex toys, and perhaps a towel. Create an atmosphere that turns you on, whether that means lighting candles, playing music, and watching or reading adult content.

As you get closer to using your sex toy intimately, aim to make the experience as comfortable and stimulating as possible. Apply compatible lubricant to your pleasure product and/or body. This reduces friction between your skin and the toy materials and can increase your sensitivity and arousal.

3. Take it slow

At first, it’s worth using your sex toy at its lowest intensity and simplest mode until you’re familiar with how that feels on your erogenous zones - remember, these hot spots will ‘feel’ more than your hands when holding your toy. You might like to tease yourself by using your toy near, but not quite touching your ‘final destination’ and build anticipation. Along the way, you could try any other toy modes and intensities, or work towards that later.

If you’re masturbating alone, use this me-time to really get to know your sexual turn ons and turn offs. Explore what makes you feel good, varying the position of your body and your sex toy, how much pressure is applied and where, and what textures you feel. If you’re using an insertable sex toy, remember you don’t have to take in the full shaft on each occasion. The same idea for adult products designed for you to penetrate. Do what feels comfortable for you.

4. Find your sensitive spots

When you’re confident to explore your limits, you may want to use your sex toy in new ways and see if it’s more or less stimulating. Consider masturbating in the shower or bath if you have a waterproof toy and notice how the sensations differ compared to when you’re in bed. Is there an erogenous zone you’ve been curious to stimulate but haven’t? Think about your nipples and perineum for example - your sex toy might be suitable for use there too. Our Nymph vibrator is a versatile pleasure product, with a massage wand-style head and vibrating, rotating fingers ready to tickle just about anywhere.

5. Connect with your partner

Once you’re familiar with your sex toy and how you like to use it, consider how to heighten your pleasure. That might mean different toys for different masturbation sessions, changing your play environment or routine, or introducing a partner into the scene. 

Mutual masturbation can increase trust, intimacy and arousal for you and your lover. You could show them how you like your sex toy to be used, or let them use it on you and express how much you enjoy it. If your adult toy is compatible with the SVAKOM App, you could let your partner control your toy - they don’t even have to be in the same location! 

For singles or couples who watch adult videos, masturbation reaches a new level with SVAKOM Connexion Series toys. These sextech toys let you ‘feel’ the motion of on-screen action for a more immersive experience. 

Remember to clean your sex toy

After masturbating with your sex toy, resist the temptation to put it away as it. Always clean it properly according to the instructions. Generally, this means using a toy cleaner or if it’s waterproof, washing with warm, soapy water. Ensure your adult product is completely dry before storing it in a safe, cool dark place or recharging it for next time.