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Trees Planted

2,000,000 kg

of CO₂ reduced

124,716.8 kg

of organic produce

90140.8 sqm2 

of land restored



Recycled Packaging

To reduce our impact on the environment, we are meticulously sourcing better ways to improve our packing. Throughout 2022 we will start switching over to recycled packaging whilst still maintaining the SVAKOM feel.

Who We Support

We have maintained a very close relationship with the organization Trees for the Future – working with them to support the local farmers, reduce food insecurity, and plant more forest gardens.

Looking to the Future

We are eager to keep planting more trees and help more local farmers. Keep an eye out for any SVAKOM products with a “1 product 1 tree” sticker so you can be a part of making change happen!


Health Centers with clean water


People with access to clean water per month

People of the World

Who We Support

At SVAKOM, we view sexual wellness as a necessity in people’s lives. However, for some, even the basic necessity of clean water is not being met.

Drop in the Bucket works tirelessly to construct new wells which provide close access to clean water for hundreds, if not thousands, of people – which is why we support them and offer whatever assistance we can provide.

What now

We are actively working to further increase our donations to get more wells constructed for areas in urgent need. See the video, see how you can help.

Looking to the Future

There is a lot that needs to be done, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities where we can offer our support. We will continue to maintain our relationship with Drop in the Bucket.