7 Sex Myths Debunked

7 Sex Myths Debunked - Svakom Store

As a globally leading company that strives to create the best sex toys in the world, SVAKOM has always been very passionate about helping people understand sexuality and dismantling sexual taboos. In an attempt to debunk the confusion surrounding the sex act, the most popular myths have been explained.

1. You must use emergency contraception the morning after sex.

False: This is a common misconception due to the nickname for the emergency hormonal contraception pill being the ‘morning after pill’.

The emergency contraception pill can be given up to 5 days after unprotected sex, although the sooner it’s taken the better.

If you’re worried you have missed this time frame, there are other options available, so speak to a doctor.


2. Sex is only good if you have an orgasm.

False: Sex should be pleasurable with or without an orgasm. The fact is some people never reach orgasm, while others might have multiple ones. Forget about the pressure to have an exciting finish and enjoy the whole experience with your partner.


3. Eating oysters will get you in the mood.

True, and false: Some studies suggest that oysters are rich in zinc, which is linked to higher sperm counts. However, we also found articles saying that there’s really no truth behind the aphrodisiac powers of food. Though there may be the placebo effect given the sensuality of slurping them down, especially when you share them.


4. Semen is low-carb.

False: “Semen is mostly fruit sugar (fructose) and enzymes – not low-carb,” says Dr Goldstein. Which finally explains why there’s no oral sex diet ;)


5. Drinking pineapple juice will make semen taste sweeter.

True: Pineapple juice can actually make semen taste sweeter. The components of pineapple juice that help semen achieve a different/better flavor are its acidic pH level and a very high sugar content.

However, drinking pineapple juice right before having oral sex won’t make a difference. Consuming lots of tropical beverage a few days in advance should be the way to go, experts say.


6. Masturbation makes achieving orgasm more difficult.

False: Masturbation makes orgasms better, not worse: They put you in touch with your body and teach you what turns you on. (And hey, if you need recommendations for the best toys money can buy, we've got plenty of ‘em.) If you don’t know what makes you come, how can you expect your partner to figure it out?


7. Anal sex is only for gay men.

False: Society has this prejudiced expectation on men about having certain masculine quantity that extends all the way to the bedroom. When, wanting to try different sexual activities with your partner does not mean anything about your sexual orientation. Communicating with your partner about your desires is a great way to see what you’re into and what you’re not.


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