Plant More Trees, Change More Lives

Plant More Trees, Change More Lives - Svakom Store

Gratitude is a fundamental element in our day to day that we, somewhat, ignore or stop paying attention to, knowing how to identify the positive things that come into our lives and having the opportunity to share it with those around us generates an extended atmosphere of positivism that will motivate us to keep giving our best. This is the case of our collaboration, for the second time, with the incredible organization Trees for the Future, in order to celebrate and take action for Earth Day.

Constant communication throughout the last year has led us to have a very close relationship with the organization that is responsible for creating a much better world for all of us through reforestation, education and work to eradicate poverty. How? Well, they go to remote areas in Africa, they earn the trust of villagers and farmers and, over the course of 4 years, they plant trees with them, teach them how to take care of the land and guide the community into a more sustainable direction by turning this land into their main source of income. We invite you to check their site and their social media so you can learn more about them, the people who have a better life because of them and their new projects.

This 2021 we wanted to keep helping more families in Africa through the creation of forest gardens on their plots. Action that will give them access to better nutrition (with a more diverse selection of fruits and vegetables), at the same time, help regenerate the soil of their land, the water tables underground, and the ecosystem in general; all this while sequestering carbon in the meantime… isn’t that amazing? Thanks to you and our collaboration with Trees for the future, 15,560 trees planted in strategic regions, will turn this dream into a reality.

A total of 26,304 trees have been donated during this two years… changing lives never felt this good.

Thank you for being part of this journey.