SVAKOM has a Blast at Estéreo Picnic - 2022!

SVAKOM has a Blast at Estéreo Picnic - 2022! - Svakom Store

We had an amazing time in Colombia attending the Estéreo Picnic! One of the biggest music festivals in Latin America, the event was filled with the buzz of excitement, the pounding echoes of live music, and the familiar buzzing of SVAKOM products!


With over 200,000 people in attendance, the event was overrun with people looking to try new things and have a good time. Working with Lovela, we designed and created a booth for the Vassar Fair alongside over 100 different brands!

It felt like walking into a dream land, and all the best SVAKOM products stood shining on display. Thankfully, our hard work paid off! The booth was a hit with people coming to take pictures and selfies with our cloudy sky and showing great interest in Emma & Sam Neo.


Our Connexion Series really caught the attention of the masses, being impressed by all the features present from APP Control to interactive content.


Everywhere we looked people were excited and exploring. We cannot express how happy we were to see people so interested in our booth and products. Bringing a positive and friendly experience to people coming to explore their limits motivates us each and every time.


This success wouldn’t have been so successful without Lovela, their efforts made the SVAKOM experience one to remember. Thank you Lovela and thank you Colombia for showing us a good time!