SVAKOM Joins #unmutepleasure Campaign

Censorship unfortunately is still very prevalent in the world of social media  especially when it comes to sex related content (sex work, sexual wellness, sex toys, etc.), and Instagram has become notorious for constantly taking down accounts without any justifiable reason other than a vague outline of the content guidelines.

SVAKOMUSA has become the latest victim, losing our account for an arbitrary reason that does not make any sense. To make matters worse, Instagram's method of recovering accounts is slow, counter-intuitive, and often goes ignored  getting lost in the sea of emails received to a singular account.

Despite working hard to get our account back, each attempt has proved fruitless. So now, we need to ask for your assistance.

We believe sex is an essential part of everybody's life. SVAKOM Instagram aims to be a sex-positive and inclusive platform. As a result, we can build a strong sense of community, a safe space to learn about sex education, ask for advice, and gather inspiration.

Instagram keeps disabling sex- and pleasure-positive accounts and justifies their actions by claiming a violation of their terms. Nevertheless, the account remains disabled, and the brand is rallying support from the industry.

SVAKOM will be joining the campaign #unmutepleasure initiated by WeVibe two years ago, and we kindly ask for your assistance by sharing this post and tagging INSTAGRAM - help us continue to grow and connect with people which share our voice.

If you further want to help recover SVAKOMs Instagram account, click on your Instagram Settings, click on Help and Report a problem in General Feedback, in the text box write: PLEASE REACTIVATE @SVAKOMUSA ON INSTAGRAM.

Please help us to continue working towards a more sex positive future, one where sex  sexual wellness is no longer shamed on social media, but rather, celebrated as the positive and necessary part of daily life that it is.