SVAKOM Wins Luxury Brand of the Year at XBIZ Awards 2023

SVAKOM Wins Luxury Brand of the Year at XBIZ Awards 2023 - Svakom Store

At the recent XBIZ Awards ceremony, our wonderful Jade Buchan humbly accepted the award for `Luxury Brand of the Year`,


`It was an honor to accept this award on behalf of SVAKOM and my amazing team.  I have watched SVAKOM provide quality and innovative products that I’m just so thankful to those who voted for us and believed in our vision. This company was started on a mere dream of providing Luxury pleasure products and seeing SVAKOM's progression overtime leading to this moment is an amazing thing`.


We are incredibly proud to have received this award and want to thank everyone who loves SVAKOM for making it possible. We are always looking for ways to bring supreme satisfaction into the hands of our customers, making sexual wellness not only a luxury, but a necessity that everyone should have access to.


Over the years we have placed our focus on innovation, on giving people the tools they need to make their sex life as fulfilling as it possible can be. The Connexion Series, our range of interactive toys, is frequently associated with the high-quality we insist upon. Featuring interactive masturbators, vibrators, wands, and suction toys; connection wherever you are having been a main emphasis, creating the opportunity for people to maintain a healthy sex life with whether with themselves or with partners – regardless of distance.


Thank you to those at XBIZ who presented us with this award, it is one that we are incredibly proud to claim our own. We strive to make our toys the best they can be, and we make sure each and everyone is user focused – helping people connect with themselves and those they love.


Fanny Chen, the Sales Director for SVAKOM spoke about what winning this award means to her, commenting that:


`We are truly honored to receive this award. SVAKOM is, and always has been, a brand focused on changing the stigma attached to personal sexual wellness, creating environmentally conscious approaches to our products, and providing high-quality products you can only find from SVAKOM. We love being part of this industry, witnessing the passion of everyone involved and experiencing the ever-changing market first hand. Technology is advancing and SVAKOM has made a point of advancing alongside it – we have plenty of innovation and amazing surprises planned for 2023, so don’t take your eyes off of SVAKOM!`


We intend to continue living-up to the title of `Luxury Brand of the Year` throughout 2023 and take the trust SVAKOM users have in our toys to the next level. Once again, we offer our sincerest gratitude to have not only been nominated, but to achieve this title.