Thanks to Heterosexual Allies

Thanks to Heterosexual Allies - Svakom Store

This June 28 goes for all of you! As an LLGTB community we have battled, endured and suffered hundreds of criticisms from other people who think that defending one's rights is good when they are their own.

But there are more people with whom we must also celebrate this holiday every year; our direct allies.

They have given us all their support and the necessary love to continue fighting and together with them to achieve what we celebrate today: the pride party.

When our voices are too frightened to speak up and defend due to the nature of hatred and discrimina ation, our heterosexual allies have remained by our side and given us strength to continue defending our being in this sometimes cruel world.

Our heterosexual allies are brave in their daily lives, as people from their circles, friends and family can speak negatively about the LGBT community and have to support or tolerate people who have hate perspectives on different social issues in the LGTB, such as transphobia or non-recognition of different types of sexuality. Sometimes they even go so far as to challenge the people who gave them life, or the friendships that have lasted for years. Furthermore, they would never support those politicians who want the laws to say that it is okay to discriminate against LGBTs against healthcare, employment or adoption.

It may be that even their voices are more judged than non-heterosexuals, as a certain part of society thinks that just because they are straight, they should think in a certain way, but despite the pressure, they lead the way to make changes in their own communities to help Build a newer and more acceptable world for ours.

We can be a community of people who are strengthened in our empathy and compassion, but when we have no more strength to give because the world seems determined to silence us, our direct allies give us more power, a recharge, to carry on.

So, as we celebrate Pride this year, let's remember the straight allies who listen and understand the issues and fight for it.

Perhaps it can be summed up like this: when you look at the pride flag, remember that our righteous allies are the spaces that connect colors and the contour that holds them together.

Happy Pride 2020, with special mention to all heterosexual allies!