The Connection Between Orgasms/Sex and Pelvic Floor Strength

Embracing Sex Positivity: 10 Ways to Foster a Healthy and Inclusive Perspective

Does Masturbating Help You Sleep?

Free Printable Foreplay & Truth or Dare Coupon Cards to Spice Up Bedroom Vibe

Pole Dancing Fitness: Unleash Your Inner Power to Look Good While Toning your Muscles

Are you ready to explore the world of pole dancing fitness? Pole dancing fitness has become an increasingly popular form of exercise that combines strength, flexibility, coordination, and most importantly – sex appeal. This aerobic workout can help you get toned while having fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hooper, there’s something for everyone! Read on to learn more about pole dancing ftiness and how it can help you look and feel your best.

Anal: Starting Off

With a wide-range of different sexual activities available to us, perhaps one of the most daunting for newcomers is anal. Holding a `you either love it or you hate it` atmosphere about it, there’s no wonder plenty of people are a bit evasive when using the backdoor gets brought up during sex. However, anal can offer an amazing experience, bringing unique pleasure to sex and spicing up bedroom sessions that have maybe gotten a little bit stale.

How to Safely Send Nudes with Confidence

The advancement of technology brought about many improvements for day-to-day life. Making plans with friends can be done in a matter of seconds, a wealth of knowledge for any subject rests at your fingertips, and nudes can be sent instantaneously without hassle for those fiery moments.

Introduction to Kink & Fetish

At some point in your life you’ve likely heard the words kink and fetish before – typically during dirty talk or, at least in the past, as a form of stigma used to make fun of someone or imply a sense of othering.

Let’s Talk Consent

Thankfully consent is becoming more and more of a talked-about concept nowadays. But what exactly does consent mean? And how can we establish it without ruining the moment and sounding like a robot? Consent doesn’t have to kill the mood.

Sex Parties: Staying Safe

Sex comes in multiple forms, shapes, and sizes. There is no one size fits all when it comes to what gets us going. As we take steps towards exploring our sexuality, likes & dislikes, the people and actions that make us bubble and burst, there can be a lot of concerns or fears.

Edging – The How and Why: Vagina Edition

The language in this article is in no way intended to convey any gender. Any possible indication of gender is unintentional, at SVAKOM we understand that sex and gender are not mutually exclusive and that genitals do not necessarily indicate gender.

Edging; Myth, Fact, Pleasure – Penis Edition

This blog post will focus on all things edging. This post will put the penis in the spotlight and all information relates only to penises. We aren’t neglecting Vagina’s however, there will be a separate post for that coming soon!

Целомудрие и пенис

В целомудрии может участвовать каждый, однако в этой статье особое внимание уделяется людям с пенисом. Ни в коем случае язык, используемый в этой статье, не предназначен для обозначения какого-либо пола на основе гениталий. SVAKOM понимает, что половые органы не равны полу. Если вы обнаружите, что какой-либо язык в этой статье устарел, сообщите нам об этом!

Отношения, половые влечения и время

Нахождение в длительных отношениях — это не что иное, как наполненное похотью увлечение, с которого начинаются новые отношения; изменения происходят без нашего ведома, и мы погружаемся в рутину, нравится нам это или нет.

Интервью с сексологом - Дэвид Монкада

Сексолог Дэвид Монкада обсуждает преимущества эмоциональной мастурбации, улучшение нашего взгляда на секс, различия между половым воспитанием полов в прошлом.


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