Warranty Claim

We've revised our warranty claim policy! As of May 9th, 2022 you no longer need to register your product to claim on your warranty!

What is covered in the 2-Year Warranty?

All SVAKOM products come with a 2-Year warranty. This entails any manufacturing defects which occur within the first two years of purchase. If, in the unlikely event that your SVAKOM purchase happens to have a manufacturing defect, we will aim to repair or replace it. Please fill out the warranty claim form below, providing as much detailed information as you can, so we can begin assessing the claim and have your product returned to you as fast as possible.


(Note: in order to effectively assess the problem, improve our quality assurance protocols, and confirm a defective product, we may ask you to return the product. We understand this is not always an option, so at times we may ask instead for picture/video content showcasing the defect so that we can bypass this step and help resolve the issue as fast as possible).


SVAKOM 2-Year Warranty covers the repair or replacement of a defective product for either; a product of the same model or; a product of similar value in situations where the current product is either out-of-stock or discontinued.


SVAKOM 2-Year Warranty does not cover user negligence, intentional damaging of a SVAKOM product, the dismantling of a SVAKOM product, the use of any accompanying products which could cause damage to the SVAKOM product, or customer dissatisfaction. SVAKOM 2-Year Warranty covers manufacturing defects only.


What about the 10-Year Guarantee?

By claiming on our 10-Year Quality Guarantee you are entitled to 50% off your next purchase. You are not entitled to a replacement courtesy of SVAKOM nor are you entitled to get your product repaired by SVAKOM.


At SVAKOM, we take pride in our products. We are confident that they will provide unbeatable satisfaction for years to come – which is why we offer a 10-Year Quality guarantee. If you start to notice damage to your product or a decline in functionality, please fill out our warranty claim below so we can help resolve the issue.


(Note: in cases where the product has been damaged or lost functionality due to user negligence, we will not be able to offer a replacement or monetary compensation. This includes; incorrect usage; the use of any non-water-based lubricants or any non-lubricant materials; dismantling the product; purposefully removing the silicone (where applicable); incorrect cleaning of the product; etc.).


Ensure you choose official SVAKOM retailers
At SVAKOM, we value customer satisfaction and offer a 2-Year Warranty and 10-Year Guarantee for all our products. Please note that the SVAKOM warranty and guarantee cannot be claimed for any product purchased from unauthorised online marketplace sellers. 


Return Policy

Please view our return policy for more information.

In cases where a defective product needs to be returned, we wanted to clarify a few things. We try not to ask for returns as we understand this can be an inconvenience. In certain situations, however, we will have to request the customer return a product to us. Rest assured this is so we can thoroughly examine the product to locate the cause of the fault and make improvements in the future.


In situations where a return is necessary, please understand that the customer will bear the responsibility of shipping costs. Once the product has been returned to us we will begin looking into the cause of the defect as soon as we can, please understand it may take some time before we can provide any updates.



Due to hygiene concerns, we only accept refunds for unopened products purchased on svakom.com within 14days of receipt and we do not accept returns of opened products without defects, nor do we accept the return of products due to customer dissatisfaction after use.


The consumer is required to send the product within 14 days after notifying us, and the shipping charges will only be refunded in cases where our error caused the return.


Before claiming your 2-Year Warranty, we recommend checking the FAQ section of our website to try troubleshooting the problem as you may find a simple situation.


In all instances of a defective product, SVAKOM will try to troubleshoot the issue for the customer to avoid unnecessary shipping and waste. If we conclude that the SVAKOM product defect cannot be solved via troubleshooting, we will offer a repair/replacement following our 2-Year Warranty policy. We ask for your patience during the troubleshooting period and your understanding that this is all an effort to reduce waste, and emissions caused via shipping, and to ensure you have a product you are satisfied with.


How to find my serial number?

The serial number can be found on the product packaging.e.g.

To claim on your warranty, please complete the following form.