EroSpain 2024: SVAKOM Wins 2 Awards, Unveils New Sex Toys

Written by Weronika Szczesna
Published on May 16th, 2024

We recently had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the EroSpain international trade fair held in the vibrant city of Barcelona, and it was nothing short of spectacular! This yearly Mediterranean B2B expo is a key meeting point for adult industry professionals, providing a great chance to connect with both customers and peers.


Our booth at EroSpain spanned 100 square meters and was thoughtfully divided into distinct zones. It featured a spacious and quiet meeting area, organized spaces for different product categories, and a dedicated room for our Pulse Galaxie clitoral stimulator. In this room, visitors could enjoy a starry light display projected in a completely dark setting, enhancing the overall experience.

SVAKOM Team Gets Together

At the show, attendees had the opportunity to meet our entire European team, including representatives from sales, marketing, and social media departments. We were also joined by our amazing sexual wellness expert, Elena, and our outstanding Brand Manager, Chika, both of whom supported us throughout the event with their extensive knowledge.

Engaging with Our Community

A major highlight for SVAKOM was connecting directly with our customers and industry peers. It was incredibly rewarding to exchange ideas, receive feedback, and discuss future trends that influence our pleasure products industry.

SVAKOM also hosted a fantastic party at Pacha Club, themed ‘Explore Your True Colors’, which became a memorable highlight of our time in Barcelona. Hannes Hultman, Regional Director Europe at SVAKOM described the event as a “tremendous success”.

“I'm confident it will be a topic of conversation for quite some time,” he said. “The atmosphere on the dance floor was electric. A successful party is driven by the presence of wonderful people, and it was clear that everyone attended with the intent to have a fantastic time. This created a vibrant and electrifying mood, with smiles all around throughout the evening.”

SVAKOM Presents New Adult Toys

During EroSpain 2024, we also unveiled our latest innovations, including Sam Neo 2, a new version of our best-selling masturbator Sam Neo, along with Cici 2 and Trysta Neo, which are updated models SVAKOM female sex toys, Cici and Trysta.

Cici 2, the ultimate slim G-spot vibrator, is now in a lilac color with a heating function for enhanced comfort and arousal. Its firmer shaft allows the user to add more pressure when targeting their G-spot for an even more satisfying experience.

Trysta Neo is a cutting-edge interactive rabbit vibrator with a unique G-spot ball, offering users extra settings and long-distance play options via the SVAKOM App. Users can also sync it with adult video content using the Feel Connect 3 App for a personalized and immersive experience, or earn tips from webcam viewers when using their sex toy via FeelPerformer.

Sam Neo 2, an upgrade to our highly popular Sam Neo interactive masturbator, is designed to simulate a ‘blowjob’ experience. This new version boasts an sleek, discreet design, a battery level display, and the innovative ‘Extended O’ function, engineered to prolong your orgasm for even longer-lasting pleasure by reducing the sex toy’s intensity.

Among the visitors to preview our exciting releases was Borja, BeLover Sales Representative. “The booth was stunningly designed and incredibly spacious, perfectly highlighting the latest products such as the Sam Neo 2, Sam Neo 2 Pro, and the Pulse Galaxie,” he said.

Celebrating Our Achievements

We're excited to share that SVAKOM received two prestigious EroSpain Awards! Our innovative product, the Pulse Galaxie, was named Product of the Year, highlighting our team's commitment to innovative design. Additionally, SVAKOM was honored as Company of the Year, affirming our leadership and excellence in the adult trade industry.

“We are so grateful to everyone who voted for us,” Hannes said. “It's always a team effort when you win an award, and I'm always so proud of the whole team for all the hard work that they put in so I do think we won due to our amazing team.”


SVAKOM Hosts EroSpain Party

The official SVAKOM party, held alongside the EroSpain Awards, was a vibrant gathering with great music, delicious drinks, and fantastic food. Participants could capture the moment in a dedicated photo zone, after which they were invited to the SVAKOM glitter bar. Here, our team provided colorful makeup applications, adding an extra sparkle to the evening. Additionally, numerous performances throughout the event kept everyone in high spirits, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

“The party itself was fantastic, filled with an abundance of food, upbeat music, a comfortable environment, and dynamic performances that made for a truly festive and enjoyable experience," said Borja, from BeLover.

Extending Our Gratitude

Our participation in EroSpain was about engaging with the community, learning from others, and fostering relationships that drive our industry forward. We left Barcelona inspired by the passion and creativity displayed by all attendees and are excited to bring this energy into our upcoming projects.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at EroSpain. Your support and enthusiasm make events like this a memorable experience. We look forward to seeing you all again next year, ready to explore new possibilities and celebrate the spirit of innovation that defines our community.

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Written by Weronika Szczesna

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