Beginners’ guide to sex toys

Beginners’ guide to sex toys

How exciting that you’re interested in buying a new sex toy! Choosing your first adult toy is particularly exciting as you imagine all the pleasurable sensations it can bring. 

However, the decision-making process can also be challenging – in a good way – as you explore the diverse and ever-increasing range of sex toys on the market. 

SVAKOM aims to cater to all adults of all body shapes, needs, desires and experience levels, so if you’re a beginner, you’re in the right place.

Why use sex toys?

The fact you’re reading this beginner’s guide means you probably know why you want to use a sex toy. Then again, maybe you’re just curious and need a little more convincing. Perhaps, you’re buying a sex toy for someone else.

Whatever the case may be, know that sex toys can provide a wide range of benefits for not only adults’ sex lives but also their physical and mental health as well as relationships. The reasons for using sex toys are endless – everyone has their own ‘why’ and it can change with their mood, circumstances, and over time. Regardless of a person’s sex, gender or sexual orientation, using adult toys can be as much a part of healthy living as ensuring good nutrition, exercise and sleep. 



Sexual wellness benefits

Adults can use sex toys to explore their body, wants and needs, and ensure these are satisfied. Some adults use sex toys to explore new styles of intimate play or sensations. Meanwhile, others use sex toys to encourage their first orgasm or to make their climax easier, faster, stronger, longer-lasting or occur multiple times in a row. Sex toys can also help adults to experience a big O in erogenous zones they previously had not. 

Mental health benefits

So far we’ve only spoken about the aspects related to sexual pleasure and wellness. But did you know that using sex toys can also improve your body-confidence and self-esteem as you feel more comfortable in your own skin and what a gift your body truly is? 

The mental health benefits don’t stop there! While a sex toy is stimulating your body, it’s also stimulating your brain. As there’s an increase in the release of various brain chemicals, for example dopamine and oxytocin, both of which are commonly referred to as ‘feel-good’ hormones. 

Physical health benefits

As for the physical benefits of using sex toys, your muscles get a work out! Use it or lose it certainly applies to our pelvic floor muscles, which are important for not only our sexual sensation and orgasmic potential but also bladder and bowel control in men and women to name just one example. 

Further showing the importance of sex toy use, health professionals can recommend them for therapeutic purposes. For instance, using adult toys can assist with vulval or vaginal pain or tightness, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and lack of desire and more. 

Relationship benefits

Playing with sex toys doesn’t have to be a solo affair. Partners at any relationship stage can use sex toys to increase romance, build excitement, and boost intimacy, communication, trust and pleasure. The key is to ensure that all activity is safe, everyone understands what’s involved, and freely consents. 

They can provide creative and stimulating ways for partners to get to know or to re-discover each other, to break old routines, or try activities the other person is unwilling or unable to participate in. That said, it’s important for partners to know that sex toys can’t replace human touch. Instead, they complement it.




What types of sex toys are there?

If you weren’t already convinced that sex toys are worth your while, running through the available options may give you a nudge!

For beginners and more experienced sex toy users, it’s worth considering different sex toy categories when shopping in order to make a fully informed decision. You never know, something you hadn’t heard of or been of interest could suddenly hold appeal.

To make it easier, we’ve grouped sex toys into 5 main categories:

1. Vibrators

As the name suggests, these are sex toys that vibrate. Almost any toy can become a vibrator with the inclusion of a motor, so the list of subcategories is becoming endless!

As the name suggests, these are sex toys that vibrate. Almost any toy can become a vibrator with the inclusion of a motor, so the list of subcategories is becoming endless! 

There are can vibrator subcategories so to give you an idea, these are some of the most popular: 

  • Bullet vibrators: cylindrical and usually less than 4 inches long, for example SVAKOM Tulip.

  • Classic vibrators: cylindrical and can but doesn’t have to resemble a penis, for example SVAKOM Anya.

  • Clitoral vibrators: for the vulva or clitoris

  • G-spot vibrators: for the G-spot about 2 inches inside the front wall of the vagina, for example SVAKOM Amy 2.

  • Rabbit vibrators: for vaginal insertion with an external clitoral stimulator that traditionally looks like rabbit ears don’t have to, for example SVAKOM Angel.

  • Wand vibrators/massagers: typically features a handle with a dome on top for external use, for example, SVAKOM Mini Emma



What all vibrators have in common is delivering vibrating stimulation for easier or enhanced sexual pleasure and orgasm.

It’s important to note that the clitoral vibrator subcategory is often used for sex toys that stimulate the clitoris indirectly, without touching it, via air-based technology. These ‘clitoral stimulators’ or ‘pulse stimulators’ generally deliver suction-style stimulation intended to mimic oral-sex and often lead to faster, stronger and multiple clitoral orgasms for many users. 

2. Masturbators

Masturbators generally have an entry point, which can resemble a mouth, vagina, anus or look neutral, which the user slides their penis into. These sex toys can offer a wide range of sensations depending on the design, materials and technology, such as realistic skin-like textures, suction, vibration, throbbing (SVAKOM Hannes Neo), thrusting (SVAKOM Alex Neo 2) and heating to name a few examples. 

Masturbators can be handheld or hands-free if there’s a suction base or other mount. Masturbators are sometimes referred to as ‘strokers’ although the latter usually do not contain a motor and rely on the user to make stroking movements with their hand (SVAKOM Hedy X) while using the toy.

3. Dildos

Dildos traditionally resemble a realistic penis, although they are available in non-phallic designs too. Dildos can be vibrating or non-vibrating and generally suitable for vaginal insertion. SVAKOM Ava Neo is a thrusting vibrator, but use it without these modes turned on and it’s like a traditional dildo.

They must feature a wide, flared base if inserted into the anus for safety reasons. The term ‘dong’ is often used interchangeably with ‘dildo’, but there is a difference: dongs feature testicles or a scrotum as part of the design whereas dildos do not.



4. Anal toys

Anal toys, like vibrators, are a diverse category. Whether it’s anal beads, plugs or probes, they’re generally designed to stimulate the nerves at the anus. Anal toys are more often than not gender-neutral, however, some are best for bodies with a prostate because they are shaped to reach this erogenous zone, and these can be referred to as prostate massagers, stimulators or vibrators.

5. Cock rings

Cock rings are designed to restrict blood flow to the penis for harder, longer lasting erections and can be used for solo or partnered play when worn at the base of the shaft. They can be rigid or stretchy depending on the materials. Some cock rings have an attachment that can be used to stimulate the wearer or their partner depending on how it is positioned. Cock rings can have additional features, such as vibration, an additional ring to wear around or to stretch the balls, or anal penetrators.



What are sex toys made from?

Once you’ve narrowed down the sex toy category you’re most interested in and the erogenous zone you want to target, consider the materials. The most common materials used to make sex toys include: ABS plastic, glass, latex, metal, PVC, silicone, TPE and TPR. For the full run-down, read our Guide To Body-safe Sex Toy Materials.

The key point is that sex toy materials affect the sensory experience of the product, such as how it looks, feels and smells. Think about whether you want your toy to be hard, soft, firm or flexible. 

Ultimately, however, ensure that your sex toy is made from body-safe materials. SVAKOM sex toys are usually made from silicone, ABS plastic, TPE and/or TPR, and all of our materials used 100 percent.

Top 10 SVAKOM sex toys for beginners

Now for the fun part, making your decision! So what are the best sex toys SVAKOM has for beginners? Consider our top recommendations…

1. Cici

Cici is for bodies who want vibrating G-spot, clitoral or other external stimulation in a very slim flexible design. Made from silicone, Cici’s very slim design is ideal for bodies with a vagina who: are new to vibrators; returning from sexual inactivity; or find penetration by a wider shaft uncomfortable.


CICI Violet

2. Pulse Lite Neo

Pulse Lite Neo uses SVAKOM’s Pulse Technology™ to create a suction sensation that stimulates the clitoris. It’s made from durable plastic and features a comfortably soft silicone nozzle that encircles the clitoris. Pulse Lite Neo is app-controlled so you can customise settings or interact with a partner, adult video or webcam platform.  


PULSE LITE NEO - Lavender - Svakom Store

3. Chika

For bodies who want clitoral and G-spot stimulation, Chika is a popular go-to. This rabbit vibrator has a cushioned head expertly shaped to reach your G-spot while the external attachment flexes to stimulate your clitoris. Chika also includes a heating function that warms the shaft head to 38°C to boost your arousal. 



4. Sam Neo

Sam Neo is a beginner-friendly masturbator for bodies with a penis who want blowjob sensations, enhanced powerful vibrations. It comprises a hard case to hold as you slip your penis inside its thick sleeve that feels like skin and is covered with soft, massaging textures. With the press of one button, contraction technology and vibrations drive you towards unimaginable pleasure.


sam neo ig new.jpg__PID:97151a41-e404-4b94-a237-af25af9987ce

5. Erica

Erica is an L-shaped vibrator ideal for beginners of any gender – simply wear it your way! Insert the flexible shaft vaginally so the curved head targets your G-spot and let the external attachment stimulate your clitoris. Alternatively, insert the shaft anally and place the external part over your perineum. Both ends vibrate simultaneously, but it doesn’t have to. Just pair Erica with the SVAKOM App for more play options.


Do you need to use lubricant with sex toys?

It’s up to you, but we highly recommend it. Applying lubricant to your sex toy or where it will touch your body reduces friction between the materials and your skin, therefore reducing potential discomfort and increasing pleasure.

Generally, this advice is applicable if using your sex toy on your clitoris or vulva or inserting it vaginally even if you already feel ‘wet’ enough. Applying lubricant becomes even more important if inserting your sex toy because this bodily area is not self-lubricating. Of course, it's important to consult a health or other sexology professional abut your own needs.

If you decide to use lubricant, the key is to ensure it is compatible with your sex toy materials. Use SVAKOM sex toys with water-based lubricant only. For anal play, you may want to consider water-based lubricant because it is formulated for this purpose – it is usually thicker and provides more cushioning and therefore comfort.

How do you maintain sex toys?

To get the most from your sex toy, carefully read the information on the packaging and in the user manual, ensuring you follow the directions properly. 



Generally, it’s good practice to clean your sex toy before and after use, always taking into account its water-repellency rating, and to let it air dry before storing in a cool, dark safe place away from children and pets. If your sex toy is motor-powered, charge it fully before first use then as required.